Calypso Magic Show

We've built up our modern lights and we look to the sky
We've built up our satellites and they spin; "Just watch how they fly!"
We're spelling our doom out loud and nobody hears
We'll break all the stars about and then pray we don't disappear

Calypso magic show
Star crash around Jupiter
I would say I told you so
But I've been erased

And into your gods believe—where are your gods now?
You'll pray to them when in need; Is that all that they are about?
The Outerspace calls to us, "Just what have you done?
You've dusted away my trust and destroyed my beautiful one."

Music by Conway/Carpineta/Martinez.
Lyrics by Conway.
Produced by Daren Strange.

Published by Black Halo Publishing Co. (ASCAP)
© 1997 Winding Room Records. All Rights Reserved.



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