The evening falls and she will find herself
Walking back with no one else
But glad to be alone
She paces quietly up to her door
Her steps touch lightly on the porch
And she smiles to be home

She turns the key to open up her world:
The sanctuary of a girl
Who's started anew
She takes her time to saunter down the hall
She doesn't even check her calls
Like most people do

She slips her clothes off then slips into bed
Thinks of TV, but reads instead
She's on chapter nine
Here in the dim warmth of her bedside light
Where all is calm and feels just right
She's going to be fine

She left her old friends back in her old town
And now no one can bring her down
Because those days are gone
Sometimes they call but she just hits "Ignore"
It makes her heart sink to the floor
But she's got to move on

She's got her new life now; she's on her own
And everyday she sets the tone:
She's rising above
She's on her way to know what life can give
All she has to do is live
And she's always in love

Music by Conway/Dearing/Martinez.
Lyrics by Conway.
Published by Black Halo Publishing Co. (ASCAP)
© 2012 Winding Room Records. All Rights Reserved.



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