Until You Take Flight


She sees familiar faces
In all familiar places
But something 'bout her situation
Has been changing
The places that she's been
The things that she's seen
She loves dearly but
It definitely affects her state of being
She slowly starts to see it
She finally realizes
That if she's gonna make her own path
Then the time is now
To move forward
It ain't gonna be easy
But very necessary
This decision's kinda scary

So she keeps it quiet
But secretly she's planning
To pack up and leave

She knows her folks will probably panic
'Cause they won't understand it
The choices that she's making
Only she can make the path
'Cause she knows the destination
Breaking rules and regulations
And she can see the sad expression
On her mother's face when
She finally has to tell her
"Your daughter's gotta cut"
It's time to get out

She usually stays grounded but...]

[Female Lead:
Sometimes a bird needs to fly]

Gotta spread your wings, you've gotta soar
The bird's nest is nice but sometimes you want some more]

[Female Lead:
Somewhere out there you'll find a place you can't be roped in by the sky]
Somewhere beyond the clouds a better life
But you're never gonna find it if you never take flight]

She tries to start over
She's finally trying to live
She's searching for something
But doesn't know just what it is
She takes it serious
'Cause her life is not a game
But the harder she tries
She finds more of the same
She starts to get discouraged
Her search is never ending
And until she finds it
She won't feel like she's winning
She lacks definition
She feels undefined
Trying to find something real is
The only thing on her mind

She starts to lose hope
All the places that she's been
Were all nice but they just

Couldn't quite reel her in
So she packs up again
Still searching for a place
She's not sure even exists
But her spirit won't break
And her heart won't take
Nothing less than the truth
She won't settle for less
Like the rest of us do
So take it for what it's worth
You've gotta strive for better things
But that can never happen
If you never flap your wings]

Music by J. Conway/D. Martinez/J. Dearing.
Lyrics by J. Conway/D. Henderson.
Published by Black Halo Publishing Co. (ASCAP)
© 2012 Winding Room Records. All Rights Reserved.



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