In The High Place


I think I'm going nowhere fast
Nothing ever seems to last
At least nothing I would want
And every morning I get caught
By the sun and all its rays
Pointing me right in the face
Telling me to get to work!
Ah, here we go again...

You can look for me on the weekend
I'm nowhere to be found
I just know I'm in the high place now
You could always see me tomorrow
Face flat on the ground
I just know I'm in the high place now

And every single thing's the same
Nothing seems to want a change
Think I'm living the same day
Does anyone else feel this way?
But I know when Friday comes
I won't be the only one
Trying out a new escape!
So, here we go again...

And I just really hate the thought
Of the evening coming to an end
As soon as I get into bed
Gotta wake up and do it all again

I'm stressed no less than seven days a week
I just need to get a break or release—a little peace
'Cause it seems like each day's worse than the previous
The work week is hectic, monotonous and tedious

So, needless to say, I'm needin' a way to escape
I was lost but with Blue Surround leading the way
I could maybe find a safe haven and quit all this mean-muggin'
And this ice grillin'—that ugly face making

And once I find it gotta maintain it
And claim it for my own—nobody can touch me in this place, baby
Say what you may but this place is sacred
I cherish it; no other place can compare to it

It's rare to get peace of mind in this cold world
So I'm-a take it any way I can get it—that's how I live it
Eventually I'll have to come down
But I just know I'm the high place now]

I'm so glad I'm in the high place now

Music by Conway/Martinez.
Lyrics by Conway/Henderson.
Produced by Daren Strange & Derek Martinez.
Published by Black Halo Publishing Co. (ASCAP)
© 2008, 2012 Winding Room Records. All Rights Reserved.



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Blue Surround
In The High Place!