She Feels Like Home


I can walk on down the road any day
And see a beautiful woman come my way
I can be driving in my car anytime
And get a smile or a wink at a stop sign

And it's always a blonde, a brunette, or a red
But you're the only girl I can't get out of my head

You are the only one I want anymore
All the others can leave out my front door
I never thought this could happen to me, but it's true

When I close my eyes all I see is you

You take my breath away without a single kiss
Flash me a smile that I can never resist
And no one does it but you...

I know there can be nobody but her
'Cause she feels like home
She feels like home
I don't need to go searching all over the world
'Cause she feels like home
She feels like home

First I see her in the streets
Then I see her in my dreams
I can see her in my life
And I can see her on my team
If you've seen this girl in motion
You would see just what I mean
Nothing short of a queen
She makes the Prince feel like a King

No one does it like you does it
And I must admit I love it
Yeah I need it, gotta have it
You for me is a bad habit
But it feels like home
Something comfortable I know
Once I get you in my grasp
I think I'll never let you go, no]

We can fantasize
Dine by candlelight
Nothing matters tonight
'Cause it feels like home
This feels like home

We can dim the lights
And just talk all night
Fall asleep by the fire
'Cause it feels like home
This feels like home

She feels like home

Music by Conway/Dearing/Martinez.
Lyrics by Conway/Henderson.
Published by Black Halo Publishing Co. (ASCAP)
© 2012 Winding Room Records. All Rights Reserved.



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